Welcome to CUGN tutorials

The information on this page is designed to help you learn to navigate the technological aspects of your education with us. If, however, you need additional assistance, please contact us. We are ready to walk you through any CUGN-related technology question you may have.

New Student Tutorials:
How to Forward your CUGN Email Account to an Existing Email Account
Learn how to forward your CUGN student email account to your existing personal email account.

How to Upload a Profile Picture
Read this tutorial to learn how to upload a profile picture.

Course Tutorials:

How to Register/Pay for a Course
Instructions on registering/paying for a course.

How to Complete a Course
Read this tutorial to learn the completion requirements of each course.

Course Media Player
This tutorial will show you how to navigate the lesson media player.

How to Access your Blog(Journal)
Instructions on accessing your blog.

How to Post to the Discussion Forum
Read this tutorial to learn how to post to a discussion forum.

How to Complete a Quiz
Learn how to use the remediation feature in a quiz.

Core 2: Helps for Creative Research Projects
Ways to creatively present your research project.