If your Driver’s License/Government I.D. has legal information on the back (i.e. sticker of change of address), please include a photo of the back. If no legal information is available on the back, only the front side is required.

A color copy is preferred but not required.

Examples are a driver’s license, identification card or passport.

If you applied after June 1, 2013, to be accepted into an academic program and enroll into a course(s), you must submit a valid legal Driver’s License/Government I.D.. Upon submitting and fulfilling the admissions requirements for your program, the Admissions Office will send you welcome instructions.

You may fax a copy to (616) 957-5741. Once you have sent the fax, please email our Admissions Office at

No, in order to be accepted into an academic program, you must submit the complete driver’s license.

The first step is to decide if CUGN suits your needs. We recommend reviewing the Academic catalog, emailing any questions to, and then submitting a secure application form at

Students must submit a valid, non-expired photo I.D. to be considered for admission.

Protecting your privacy and your information is a top priority at CUGN. We use commercially reasonable means to protect the integrity of our website and the confidentiality of collected data as stated in our Privacy Policy.

No, headshots are not accepted. You must submit a valid, legal photo I.D. which includes your photo, address and other legal information.

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