You can make payment through the RBC Ministries Malaysian office. The bank details are as shown below:

Bank name: CIMB Bank
Account name : RBC Resource Centre Berhad
Account Number : 0130 0002976 059
Course fees: Refer to (What is the cost per course?)

After you make the payment, please provide CUGN and the Malaysian Office with the following details to enable us to process your payment: Your Membership No., Your Full Name, Total amount, Date bank in, Time bank in

Reduced Tuition Rates
200-level* RM160 per course
300-level courses and higher RM476 per credit
ML507 and SF212 RM380 per course

This offer is available for any of our academic program/tracks. Read more at

Anyone living in Malaysia qualifies for a discounted tuition rate.

We’re sorry to see you go! Please contact the Registrar’s Office at

You will have 90 days from your date of enrollment to complete any Core 1 self-study courses, 8 weeks in which to complete any Core 2 semester-based courses, and 6 months from your date of enrollment to complete any Core 3 directed-study courses.

You will access your courses from the CUGN website by hovering over “Current Students” and clicking “Access Your Courses (Login)”.  You will then log in using the username/password given to you by the Admissions Office.

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