Admissions Requirements

To be admitted to an Academic Program at CUGN, the following are required:

  1. General Application;
  2. Legal Driver’s License;
  3. Application Fee*

Click on individual programs below to learn more and apply online:

Program Additional Requirements
Certificate in Bible None
Certificate in Preaching Bible AP Exam (Free)**
Certificate in Theology None
Certificate in Spiritual Direction None***
Certificate in Executive Leadership None
Certificate in Interpersonal Development None
Certificate in Correctional Ministries None
Diploma in Biblical Studies None
Associates Track – Grace Bible College None
Associates Track – Crown College None
Associates Track – University of Northwestern None
Associates Track – Compass College None***
Bachelor’s Track – Grace Bible College None
Bachelor’s Track – Crown College None
Bachelor’s Track – University of Northwestern None
Bachelor’s Track – Compass College None***
Master’s Track – Crown College Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Track – Grace College & Seminary Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Track – University of Northwestern Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Track – Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary Bachelor’s Degree
Transfer and Single Course Option None
ACSI Track (CEUs) None


NOTE: Students may enroll in CUGN without having educational prerequisites. However, collaborating schools may have additional admissions requirements or prerequisites. Students pursuing an accredited Associates, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree should contact the appropriate collaborating school at the beginning of their program.

*The registration fee is a one-time non-refundable $15 fee. It may be waived by providing three referrals to CUGN Admissions during the application process.

**Prior to enrolling into courses, the Certificate in Preaching program requires completion of the free AP exam. If the test shows that there are areas of Bible knowledge in which you are weak, you may be asked to take one or more of the Bible survey courses (OT216-OT227, NT217-NT228).

***All programs are completely online except Certificate in Spiritual Direction and Compass College Associates and Bachelor’s Tracks, which require a portion of your studies to be on-site. In order to complete a CUGN program, you must have Internet access and basic computer skills.