Financial Aid

FAFSA is not accepted at this time; however the following opportunities are available for meeting your financial needs. (Note: CUGN’s collaborating school tracks do provide financial aid opportunities.)

1. 3-Month Subscription Plan. CUGN offers a low-cost, 3-month subscription model for Core 1 courses. Learn more here. Estimated savings of $300 per survey!

2. AP Exam. Consider taking the free Bible Competency Advanced Placement exam to test out of a portion of the Core 1 studies. Click here to read more. 

3. Payment Plans. Available for any student in a 3-credit, 300-level or higher course* by clicking here.

4. Limited Partial Scholarships. Available for any 300-level or higher course*.
There is no deadline to apply. Click here for scholarship information. 

NOTE: *ML507 must be paid in full.