Grace Bible College & CUGN Costs

Total Cost of Grace Bible College/CUGN Bachelor’s Degree

Tuition Rates
CUGN Old Testament/New Testament Surveys

(16 credit hours/two subscriptions at $240 each)


CUGN Core 2 courses

(20 credit hours @200/credit hour)

CUGN Additional courses

(9 credit hours @200/credit hour)


GBC Courses to complete bachelor’s degree

48 credit hours @385/credit hour

24 credit hours @285/credit hour

Program Tuition Totals
TOTAL for accredited Bachelor’s Degree from GBC

(120 credit hours)



(All fees and textbooks are included in the Grace Bible College tuition costs)


*Prices are subject to change without notice and do not take into account any Pell Grants that might be awarded for the Grace Bible College portion of the degree credits.