Transfer Credit to Christian University GlobalNet

If you wish to transfer credit from a prior graduate program, you must petition to do so through the Admissions Office.

Credits previously earned through may be applied to your Core 1 studies, but only if you completed the courses in the Certificate Program, where validation of completion of all course requirements was provided.** We do not offer credit for any of the free courses taken at Our Daily Bread Christian University or previously taken for free at

Transfer credit will be given for up to half of a declared program of study.

For the Certificate in Bible program, 8 credits can be transferred into the CUGN program. If you have completed more than 12 courses, and desire to complete only the Certificate in Bible program, you and the Registrar will jointly decide which courses will transfer into the CUGN program. No Certificate in Bible will be awarded to anyone who transfers in more than half of the Certificate program requirements. For the Diploma in Biblical Studies program, students can transfer in up to 16 credits.

Please contact our Admissions Office at or (888) 487-5376 ext. 1 to begin the transfer credit process.

**Please note: ceased offering courses for credit in November 2013, so if you took courses there after that timeframe, it is likely they were not taken for credit.