Faculty Listing

Robert Vann

Robert Vann is currently the Program Director of Fuqua Hall, a 92-bed, Christ-centered transitional housing program—a ministry of Atlanta Mission in Atlanta, GA. He is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of A Strictly Biblical Perspective Ministries (ASBPM), with his wife of 29 years, Maria.  He has over 25 years of full-time experience in ministry, serving as an addiction counselor, case manager, and program manager/director at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, Prison Fellowship Ministries and the Atlanta Mission and is an Associate Pastor at Community of Faith Church in Buford, GA.  He has an M.A. degree from Wayne State University in the field of counseling with specialization in substance abuse. He is the author of “A Cognitive Biblical Approach to Understanding and Addressing Addiction and Relapse Prevention,” the “One Step With Jesus Restoration Program,” with mentoring, discipleship and ministry components. He has trained over 1,500 mentors throughout the United States and facilitates workshops across the nation. Robert has 25 years sobriety and has been restored from crack cocaine, alcohol and heroine addictions.