Jose Solaranzo

Certificate in Bible

Since then I have been seeking the Lord in prayer by studying my Bible, through fellowship, and by hearing the word of God during services and in studies. Recently I reached a point where I wanted to know more about the Lord, but I don’t have the time to attend a formal school or seminary, so I searched for options on the Internet and I found the website of Christian University GlobalNet.

I started the Certificate in Bible seven weeks ago, and my knowledge and understanding of God has entered into a new dimension. It has been like my eyes have seen life from a totally different perspective. I don’t have a doubt it’s God’s.

For me it’s one of the best because it really gave me a very good understanding of who wrote the O.T., why it was written and the purpose of its message. I can now easily relate it to the journey of every Christian, from being slaves in Egypt, to the Promised Land, exile and back to square one, where we’re found with nothing else but waiting for the Messiah.

I will recommend CUGN because the way the courses are structured makes it easy to understand and to learn. It motivates you to keep on top of your studies, and it’s rewarding when you see what you have learned.