Joyce Gilbert

Cornerstone University Tracks

The gratefulness to the team of CUGN and the valuable staff willing to assist me in my time of need. Thanks to this course I now can receive my BS in management from Cornerstone University.

Thanks to the IT team helping me to connect and stay connected to complete my course. Also the admission for returning my calls and clearing up my questions and concerns.

The price is reasonable, the time to complete the course is workable for working adults.I really enjoyed the reading material and quizzes.

The information given in each course, very helpful, giving me a better way of reading the bible,. I love how the instructor read each book and gave a clear picture of what to expect from each quiz.

I love the communication with all their online students. It was great reading their responses and answer to each question. i learned a whole new way of reading this material. I really have used some of the tools to better understand the material I have read. I seem to have a better way of communicating any topic now in the OT. God Bless your team.. May each person leave this course a lot brighter and well equipped to teach the gospel. Amen.